Learn How to Land Your Ultimate Dream Job Using This Proven 6-week System


They laughed when I told them how I was conducting my job search, but when I told them I had just accepted an offer from a top company with a great salary, they started asking how they could do it, too.

This course takes you from identifying your accomplishments in a way that makes you irresistible to employers, to crafting your resume(s), to targeting the companies you want to work for, in the job position you want, to getting calls to come in for interviews, and provides valuable advice on how to conduct the interview to your advantage and receive and accept the job offer of your dreams.

"I use this method whenever I want to move into a higher-paying job at a company I love." says Thomas Clifton.

For an additional fee, you get access to our members-only Facebook group, moderated by the course creator, Mr. Berry. Here you can learn from him and other members. You get candid advice on how to move forward if you ever feel unsure about how to proceed in finding your dream job.

This little-known method is held close to the chest by Ivy League business school graduates. Taught by Mr. Jeff Berry, BSME, and MBA. As a graduate of the USC Entrepreneur program at the Master level, no one is more suited to teach these methods than he is.

NOTE: This is not a rehash of other courses or information on the Internet. This is a no bullshit course that teaches a proven system to getting the job you want, fast. You agree not to share the information in this course with others (except a wife or one trusted friend) and agree to not teach this to anyone else, it is that powerful.

Signed, Jeff Berry, BSME, MBA


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Module 1 - Setting the Foundations to Land Your Dream Job

9 Lessons

Determining your current position and situation, so you can set sail for fast success in job-hunting.

Module 2 Gathering Your Accomplishments

3 Lessons

This is actually one of the most important lessons in the course. As the days go by, you will remember more and more of your accomplishments. They key here is to mold your accomplishments into "measurable" items that show you saved time, improved operations, or expanded revenues in some way. don't be discouraged, in every job, you will be able to come up with accomplishments that show a prospective employer you are gold and can contribute big to the company.

Module 3 Choose Your Dream Companies

4 Lessons

Module 4 Your Broadcast Letter

1 Lessons

This video reveals how to make prospective employers salivate when they see your letter. The letter should make them (or their secretary) call you to set up an interview. You are now one in one hundred, the person who can fill the need they have.

Module 5 Broadcast Your Availability

8 Lessons

This lesson provides the nitty-gritty details that show you exactly how to make this powerful method work. No other course teaches this, and you are well on your way to landing a better job with higher pay, less commute, more benefits, making a difference, and learning what you need to advance in your career - your dream job.

Module 6 Job Interviews and Offers

6 Lessons

As you get phone calls, set up your interviews. Take a look at, and practice the answers to many of the interview questions. That will help "seal the deal" and get you a job offer in no time flat. Remember, they're already interested in you, now it's more of a question of are you likable, and a team player!

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